Singing Articles

Vocal Training – Online Vocal Training Tips - Looking for some online vocal training tips?  Well look no further because I have put together some tips on how to train your voice so that you get the most out of it.

Vocal Exercises – Improve Your Voice With These Vocal Exercises - There are literally hundreds of vocal exercises out there…some good and some bad.  I have a whole theory about vocal exercises and the different types you need to do in order to improve your voice and reach your maximum potential.  Read this article for some of my favorite vocal exercises that you can start using today.

Singing Tips – 5 Singing Tips That Improve Your Voice - I get asked all the time from people simply looking for singing tips which helps me to know which are the most popular tips and the ones that most singers struggle with.  Check out this article if you want to learn 5 singing tips that will help you quickly improve your voice.

Singing Techniques – 3 Need To Know Singing Techniques - Of course there are many many singing techniques but in this article I will uncover 3 very important techniques for beginner singers as well as more advanced singers to know.  Simply having the proper technique and utilizing different techniques can have a major impact on your voice.

How To Sing From Your Diaphragm - Breathing is a major part of singing and learning how to breath from your diaphragm is a very helpful tool.  However, it can be confusing so I have written this article so you can see what it is like to breathe from your diaphragm and how to do it properly.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing? - In this article you will learn answer to the question “Can anyone learn to sing?”.  I hear this a lot from people simply wondering if it is possible to improve their singing voice.  Keep reading…the answer may surprise you.

How To Become A Better Singer - Here are some tips that will help you become a better singer quickly.  With vocal training there are certain things you do that will help your voice improve gradually over time but here you will learn a few tips that will help your voice improve very quickly.

How To Sing Vibrato - Vibrato is a very useful singing skill to have.  A lot of people think that it is something that you are just born with but vibrato is actually something that almost anyone can learn how to develop.

Learn To Sing – Learn How To Sing – This article is mostly designed for beginners who are looking for some basic tips on learning how to sing.

How To Sing Well – When learning how to sing well you almost need to know what not to do more than what to do.  In this article you will learn some of the common mistakes to avoid and some basic tips that will help you to have better breath control and teach you how to sing well.

How To Sing High Notes – How To Sing Higher - Almost every singer I have ever met wants to learn how to increase their range so that they can hit high notes.  Few people ask me if they can learn to sing lower…so here are some tips that will help you to sing high notes without strain.

Online Singing Lessons – Learn To Sing Online – Discover what I think is the best way to improve your singing voice.  See what to expect from online singing lessons and how they can benefit you.  You will also get a singing tip that will help you sing better.

Singing Exercises – Get 2 singing exercises that will give your voice more power and control.

Singing Lessons - This is a must read article before you even consider taking singing lessons or starting a vocal training program.


Vocal Warm Up Exercises – Get some great warm up exercises that you can start doing today to get your voice ready to sing and help prevent damaging your voice.

Increase Vocal Range – How To Increase Vocal Range - Get tips and exercises that are designed to help you increase your vocal range quickly.  Begin to expand not only your low end but also the top end of you voice so you can hit a wider range of notes.

Voice Lessons – Read This Before Taking Vocal Lessons -  I’m sure that you know that if you want to improve your singing voice you need some type of voice lessons.  In this article I will explain what you should look for and you will discover what I feel is the best way to improve your voice available today.

Stage Fright – Stage Fright Tips – How To Overcome Stage Fright - Here are some great additional tips that you can use right away to get rid of that paralyzing feeling of anxiety you might experience before taking the stage to perform.

How To Become A Singer – How To Become A Famous Singer – Many people want to know not only how they can become a better singer but the easiest way to learn how to become a famous singer. This article will really explain some easier ways to find your path to success.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice – This is a great way to teach you how to eliminate that annoying nasality sound and how to improve your overall tone while singing.

Brett Manning Singing Success Review – Read my review after going through the Singing Success program to see what I think of it.  This is an honest review based on my personal experience with the program.