Can I Really BECOME A Great Singer?

This seems to be the question on so many people’s mind. You have a dream of being a singer, but when you open your mouth, the sound that comes out is not anything you would want a crowd of people to hear.

That’s how it was for me when I first started singing. I was asked to play guitar and sing for the little youth group I went to. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I was terrible. I almost feel badly for the ones who had to endure it.

But, fast-forward to today, and I’ve been a paid professional singer for most of my adult life.

First of all, you’re probably not half as bad as you think you are, and that’s the truth. Most everybody hates the sound of their own voice, especially when they hear it recorded and listen back. I probably wasn’t as bad as I thought I was, although I know I wasn’t anywhere in the ballpark of good.

So what changed between then and now? It’s simple—the right knowledge of the voice and how it works and the right vocal exercises. In a word, practice.

The voice is made up primarily of muscle, and like any other muscle, when trained, it becomes stronger and more developed.

So what’s my point? Can Anyone Learn To Sing? You can probably sing better than you think, and you can definitely get much better with the right training. So don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Hang on a little longer. You may be pleasantly surprised where your life ends up if you move a little closer in the direction of your dream.

Hope that’s helpful, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Breona
    6 years ago

    what great words of kind words that made me feel SO MUCH BETTER Aaron lol I’m 15 and I’ve been singing since I was 6 and heck! i’m not giving up i’m almost the only person in my family i think that hasn’t given up on her dreams! lol so these words gave me butterfly’s and inspiration..thanks it REALLY did help thanks again!

    • Aaron Anastasi
      6 years ago


      It seems that you’re really enjoying the articles, and I’m glad!

      I’ve also got a bunch of videos up on my YouTube channel (HowToSingDotCom) that can help you, but if you really want to improve quickly, in a step by step kind of way, I’ve got an 8-week, intensive program that you can find out more about Here.

      I wish you all the best!