Guitar: The Singer’s Companion

When I was a kid I realized that I wanted to be a singer and that I had a measure of natural talent in that area. But it’s hard to just be a singer, because singers are dependent on accompaniment of some sort. You either need a band to create the music for you to sing to, or you need to create the music yourself.

The other option, of course, is to sing to tracks, but I never liked the idea of that too much, although it’s a little more accepted today, especially if there is a blend of both a band along with backing tracks.

Well, as a teenager I decided that the best way to have accompaniment, since I didn’t yet have the option of a band, was to start playing the guitar. Like anything else, it was difficult to learn at first, but the more I played, the more I wanted to play and the better I became.

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Before long, I was a guitar player, not just a singer. And this served me well over the years. I played at coffee shops, youth groups, clubs and pretty much wherever they would have me, and I derived a lot of joy from something that was originally just a function to serve my singing.

You may be just discovering your desire to be a singer but not yet have started playing an instrument. I would encourage you to start messing around with some instrument sooner rather than later, since life usually just gets busier and not the other way around.

For you it may not be guitar. It may be piano or ukulele or dulcimer, whatever. But whatever you choose, you won’t regret having taken up an instrument. I promise.

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What is your favorite instrument to sing along with?  Comment below and let me know…

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