Move Toward A Better Voice

There are seemingly endless amount of avenues you can take to improve your voice. You can work on vibrato; you can work on your breath support; you can eliminate nasality in your voice. I mean the list is endless. But there is one thing that stands above the rest that is guaranteed, consistent help for you voice, and that is vocal exercises.

I know, disappointing, huh? The fact is, vocal exercises are just necessary for the one who wants to take singing seriously and really improve the voice. It will help just about every aspect of singing.

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With the right exercises, lip and tongue trills particularly, you will better you breath support. You can work on you vibrato; you can increase you range and sing higher notes, etc., etc. All the things that are good for your voice come out of doing vocal exercises daily.

Think of it like this. I have a friend whose wife trains a ton of A-list movie stars. These are people who pretty much need to stay in shape as part of their job. So, they exercise, on average, about an hour to an hour and a half a day, six days a week. And that is not to mention the one who do five or six hours a day. That’s overboard, but it takes work to stay in great shape.

And the same is true for the voice. It takes work to keep it in shape.


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