Pitch and Intonation

Many aspiring singers, and professional for that matter, have difficulty with pitch and intonation. Basically, they have a problem singing off key. You may occasionally have trouble with this yourself. Most singers have trouble with this at time, but certainly some more than others.

So, I want to give you a tip on how to begin to correct this.

First of all, what you hear when you sing versus what others hear when you sing is a very different thing. You may have experienced the truth of this statement when you first heard the sound of your voice on a recording, voice mail or whatever. This makes it a little difficult to even know exactly when you are “pitchy”.

Get some additional singing tips to develop your singing much faster.

Here is what I mean. When you sing, you are likely not in a tiny little room. You are in a regular sized room where the sound of your voice is bouncing off of the walls and traveling back to you. By the time it gets back to you it already sounds differently. So, here is the first tip: cup your hand around your ear and sing. Notice how you can not only hear your voice better, but you can also hear the different undertones and the full timbre. This will help you hear, and correct, any pitch that isn’t right.

Making a habit of this will create muscle memory in your voice, and you will be able to correct your pitch just by the way it feels.

Hope this helps!


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