Right here is the greatest method to learn to sing from the diaphragm

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If you choose to learn how to sing from your diaphragm here is actually the simplest and most efficient method to accomplish that. This will not only help you learn to carry the notes for longer, however additionally  you will be able to have more accurate pitch.

Check out this movie if you aspire to learn this singing technique.


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  1. ayo
    7 years ago

    Good methods and great sIte.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      7 years ago


      Thank you for taking the time to shoot a note over. You’re very kind.


  2. Martins
    7 years ago

    Thanks for you post, this tip helped me so much

  3. Felipe
    7 years ago

    ive been wanting to sing for a long while now by being influenced of my favorite band called Asking Alexandria.. theres a specific song that I really love and want to learn how to sing inorder to hit the same pitch as the singer or the same note as him.. or just similar to it.. everytime i hear him sing, it seems like he’s using a lot of his diaphragm. everytime i do use it i always feel like i cant get the note or pitch and start to get to high of a note and crack…. i really dont understand whats going on my posture is good and i take a good breath… any reasons why im having these problems?? feedback please
    thanks :)

    • Aaron Anastasi
      7 years ago


      Well, one of a couple of things are going on. It’s possible that you have a different kind of voice than the lead singer of Asking Alexandria. He is a tenor or even a counter-tenor, which is the highest possible singing voice that a guy can have. You may be like me and be a baritone. Those notes are out of the reach of a bass or a baritone, unless you do the work to expand your range.

      Now, my course, Superior Singing Method, is designed to expand your singing range, and improve your overall voice within 60 days.

      Hope that helps. He’s got a really high voice.

      And if you’re talking about the screamer, not the singer, then the reason you’re cracking is because the voice isn’t designed to do that, and over time will injure it.

      You can find my course here, if you’re interested: http://www.howtosing.com/superior-singing-method/


  4. Felipe
    7 years ago

    ive been motivated tp sing a while ago by being influenced by so many ppl on youtube doing covers of different bands.. a specific band that id like to do covers of is Asking Alexandria.. theres a specific song on there that i cant seem to sing on the right note… i try to push with my diaphragm but when i do i always start to crack and get of tune.. the song seems like the singer is pushing with his diaphragm but how does he keep a note?? ive tried so many times but it still seems like i carck? any reasons why?? feedback please :)

  5. Felipe
    7 years ago

    alright cool thank you.. yeah i noticed he does have a high voice.. and yeah i just want to learn the singing.. the screaming can come later :) thanks though :)

  6. Felipe
    7 years ago

    and is it possible to teach yourself how to sing without needing someone to teach you?

  7. Felipe
    7 years ago

    by any chance do you have facebook?? it would be easier for me to contact you incase you comment back and i totally forget that u did.. thats all up to you though.

  8. Junior
    6 years ago

    I am having trouble singing from my diaghram and I am 13 in a singing group with my niece shakana and she knows how to sing from her diaghram I think it’s because she is an alto and sings lower than me . I am a tenor 1 trying to reach higher but I don’t think I can until I can master my diaghram so can u tell me Wht it us and how I can improve it and sing higher