Singing Both Higher And From Your Diaphragm

In this article I would like to talk about two primary things when it comes to singing, and the first is how to sing from your diaphragm.

I’m guessing that you have heard that you are not supposed to sing from your throat but from your diaphragm. This is true, but maybe nobody has ever explained to you what exactly that means and how to do it. So that is what I want to do for you in this article.

I also want to teach you how to sing higher, how to sing higher notes, but more importantly, how to sing higher without strain and tension in your voice. Because that really is the trouble when it comes to singing higher.

Okay lets get back to the question of how to sing from your diaphragm and not from your throat. Singing from your diaphragm will give you more air to work with and help you sing with more resonance because you are working with more resonators when you sing from your diaphragm.

When you sing from your throat you eliminate most of the resonators and the sound comes out thin and abrasive. So here is how you sing from your diaphragm.

First of all you need to make sure that your posture is correct, and what I mean by that is having your head, neck and torso in alignment as it would be if you were standing up against a wall.

Once you have your posture down it is just a matter of taking complete breaths sing and making sure that your chest does not collapse as you sing and that your chest stays in a high position.

Okay let’s talk about how to sing higher notes without the strain in your voice. I have got two main tips for you that will help you to not only be able to sing higher notes but to be able to sing them with ease and without tension in your voice.

The first one is doing vocal exercises with lip trills, which takes the tension off of the vocal chords and put it on the lips. And this is fine to have it there because waking up the muscles and the lips in the face is actually a good way to warm up your singing system.

So that will get you halfway there, and the next thing that you can do is bend at the waist when you are hitting the higher notes, which will help you to hit even higher notes with less strain.

One place that you can find great tips like this is with an online singing lesson program called singing success. I believe in this program enough that I have written several singing success reviews so that you can have an understanding of what is out there and what works.

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  1. rachel
    7 years ago

    hi im 12 i tried your tips, it helps alot but when i try to go high i sound very whispery, i want to sing big white room by Jessie j, but when she sings “smile yeah” it is really high and powerful but i can only make it whispery or i belt it to loud so it sounds really bad do you have any tips to help me be powerful but not whispery and not really loud and horrible. thanks

  2. myeongjeon lee
    6 years ago

    1. If I want to sing high notes, should I practice lip thrills or tititi excercise only on high notes or practice these excersice on my entire range?”bend at the waist”, Do you mean bending forward?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      6 years ago

      Do them on your entire range, including entire range. Have you had a chance to check out my entire course, superior singing method?

      You can find it here along with some free video singing tips.

      Best of luck to you with your singing!