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Singing Exercises – Sing Better With These Singing Exercises

By: Aaron Anastasi

Singing exercises are not optional for the individual who hopes to take singing serious at any level, whether singing in the shower for the two spiders in the corner or at a full capacity (2,804-seat) Carnegie Hall.

I want to give you some great singing exercises in this article, as well as explain a little bit about the importance of proper breathing and how it relates to, and is somewhat synonymous with, singing exercises.

In this article you will discover:

  • How proper breathing equals better singing
  • Two vocal exercises that will help you sing with more power and train you to sing from your diaphragm

Muscular antagonism is the term used for how the singer’s breath is a balance of coordination between the muscles in the abdomen and the muscles in the ribs. The muscles of inhalation work to form a partial vacuum in the lungs.

The Five Finger Candle Exercise

This exercise will help you to wake up your breath, engage your diaphragm (for the maximum amount of air and power) and help your body to learn and practice proper breathing, which equals proper pitch and powerful singing. The flow of your breath needs to be immediately connected to sound and uninhibited. This exercise will accomplish just that.

Hold your hand out in front of your face, with fingers spread, and imagine that a candle is lit at the tip of each finger. Use your breath to blow out each of the candles. Then do the same with your other hand. Repeat this one more time on each hand.

The Imaginary Ball

This next exercise will continue what the Five Finger Candle exercise has begun, with the addition of warming up your body, connecting your body to your breath and immediately connecting sound with your breathing.

Toss an imaginary ball across the room, as if tossing it to a friend, and let out a hiss each time the ball leaves your hand. Hold out the hiss as long as your breath will allow. Repeat this ten times.

While these exercises may not seem like much, as most exercises don’t, they are doing far more than you can imagine helping you become a better singer. If you do just these on a regular basis before singing, you will notice a difference in just a short time. However, these exercises are designed to accompany a regular regimen of exercises.

There are a lot of other singing tips and more singing exercises that you can do to improve your voice, increase your range, get better vocal tone, etc.  I have a 5 day video mini-course that is packed with some great vocal exercises…all you have to do is fill out your email below and I’ll send the first lesson straight to your inbox right away.

I hope you found this article helpful.

-Aaron Anastasi

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