Some Singing Exercises

One of the better exercises that you can do for your voice is the lip trill. I’ve talked a little bit about it in previous blogs, but it’s worth repeating. And I want to give you a breakdown on exactly how to do it.

The lip trill is an important exercise because is takes that place of hundreds of exercises that vocal experts have used in the past. What it does is take the strain, the tension off of the vocal cords and allows you to sing higher notes with less strain.

It’s also a great warm up exercise, if done around speaking range. The lip trill loosens up the muscles in the face and lips, preparing you to sing, and sing with less tension. It also helps you pace the outflow of air, which is an important aspect of singing. It is one of the primary goals when it comes to breath support.

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Okay, so let me give you an idea of how to do it in case your don’t already. The lips trill is basically a rapid series of “B”. It is the sound you make when imitating a horse, just more extended. If that doesn’t register, it is the sound you make on a cold day, “bbbbrrr”. It’s air blown through closed, relaxed lips.

The idea is to do this with a sort of dopey, “uh” sound under it. This will steady the larynx, keeping it down as you begin to hit the higher notes.

Do these with any scale.

Hope that helps!

Aaron Anastasi

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