The Mixed Voice

What is the mixed, or blended, voice, and why is important to develop it? The mixed voice, or just simply, mix, is a blend of your different registers. Both guys and gals have a chest and head register, and there is debate over whether girls have a falsetto, but guys certainly do and both can develop a whistle register.

The chest voice is basically the register that you speak in. The head voice is sometime called the calling or the call voice, because if you call to someone several feet away, you will use this register, the head or call register. Falsetto has a more airy, hiss kind of quality to it. It’s not a register you want to spend too much time singing in, usually, since there isn’t much power nor vocal cord connection. And only professional singers develop the whistle register, generally, and often time in the operatic genre.

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Okay, there are some of the basics about registration. Let’s talk about your mix. The mix comes about by erasing the cracks in your voice and having one big, smooth voice from top to bottom. This takes time and practice, of course, but it is possible and can happen even more quickly than you might imagine.

One exercise you can do to develop a strong mix is called the siren, because that is exactly what it is, a mimic of the sound of a siren. Try that out. In order to produce this sound, your mouth is in a flat vowel position, which helps you be able to smoothly go through the breaks between registers, and it builds muscles that eventually help blend the registers together, giving you a strong mix.


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