The Power of Repetition and Momentum

I work with kids on a regular basis as a teacher, and adolescents always want to know in what way their assignment applies, or matters, to the rest of their lives, practically speaking. This is particularly true when it come to math. “How am I ever going to use this in the real world?” What does this even matter?” “This is such a waste of time.” “This is boring.”

I get it. I said and asked the same kinds of questions when I was a kid. We all want to know that there is some kind of connection, a benefit, from our current actions with the practical reality of the future. How is my life going to be better after having done this or that? Is this somehow going to bring me less pain and more pleasure?

This is the reason most people try to find a job that somehow answers this same type of question. Most of us want to feel like what we are doing for work has some type of significance beyond just making money, which is certainly one benefit, of course.

So, how am I going to apply this to singing, you may be wondering.

Doing vocal exercises daily can make you insane if you don’t keep the wider picture in mind. When you’re singing this ascending scale, you might be thinking, “what does this really have to do with expanding my range?” or “How is this going to really make me a better singer?”

Here’s the truth: when I do my vocal exercises regularly, I have more vocal stamina, I can sing higher notes and my pitch and tone are far better. That’s just the way it is. And I challenge you to test it out for yourself.

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Practicing scales may seem boring and mundane, but you slowly, but surely, becoming more of the person you want to be, which is a great singer.

Repetition and momentum create a powerfully unstoppable force!

I hope you found this helpful…

Comment below and let me know where you see the power of repetition and momentum evident in your life!

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