Vibrato: Correcting False Vibrato (Part 3)

How To Correct the Plague of the Shake (Tremolo)

Let me give you an idea of what to look out for if you think your vibrato might actually be more of a tremolo. With tremolo the voice will usually sound shrill and notes will be on the sharp side. Also, you will have a good amount of tension in visible in the throat area, the tongue and the jaw. Another thing to look out for is a high larynx (Adam’s Apple) position. Along with all that, you may also notice a rapid shaking of the tongue and jaw. If some of these things are true when you sing, especially when attempting to sing vibrato, then it’s likely that you suffer from tremolo. But don’t fret, there are definitely ways to free yourself from that and sing with beautiful vibrato.

Tremolo, as I mentioned before, is too much shaking, too high of a vibrato rate, while the wobble is too slow of vibrato rate. With tremolo there is too much pressure on and from the vocal folds (cords). So, naturally, the best thing to do is to relax, but that’s not a very helpful suggestion. Relax what, and how? And the danger here is to relax the energy level of singing, which is not what you want.

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The best way to work through and eliminate tremolo is to add in a straight tone. What I mean is this. When the tremolo is at full shake, notice how you can sing with a straight tone when you try and eliminate any sort of vibrato. This will show you that you have control over, and can hear the difference, in the oscillating rate (speed of sound going back and forth). You can do this for a couple of phrases, pulling back the oscillating rate down to a straight tone. Once you’ve done this, sing the phrase again, and see if you can pull back on the oscillation rate just a little bit, instead of all the way to a straight tone.

This will take some time and effort on your part, but it is possible to do it, and you can pull it off. Moving to a straighter tone will decrease the pressure on your vocal folds, allowing them to relax and slacken some, and it is out of this place that a full and correct vibrato will emerge!


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