Vibrato: Correcting Vibrato

Correction, and More Description, of Vibrato

In the last post we talked about vibrato and said that the source of vibrato is a bit elusive, but there are some factors that are known. Vibrato is something that emerges when enough energy (not force) is present, along with vocal cord freedom and relaxation in the vocal tract. Vibrato is not an excessive wobble or tremolo but occurs without being manufactured. The larynx, while there is some slight movement in the laryngeal area, remains relatively steady during vibrato, which is not the case during an unwanted wobble.

Also, vibrato is not a variance of pitch to the point that it throws the voice intonation out of whack. If this is the case, then the oscillation is more like manufactured and falls more into the category of a tremolo. This isn’t desirable. Proper vibrato actually has an intonation centering effect, meaning that it helps intonation; it doesn’t hurt it.

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By way of further description, vibrato isn’t classified as a pitch variant, even though that is how it seems (and is sometimes taught). Instead, it is an evenly distributed vocal timbre spread throughout a cluster of notes.

Because it’s not fully understood where vibrato comes from, I’m trying to give you a handful of scenarios of how it can be brought about naturally. With enough work and practice, it will come to you. Once you get the actual feel for how it comes about, it’s easier to set the stage for it to emerge.

An evenly regulated airflow along with enough closure of the vocal chords is a good place to start, along with proper enunciation. And remember, it comes from a relaxed vocal tract. Tension is a sign of trying to manufacture vibrato, which will often result in a wobble.

In order to get rid of the wobble and try to move toward a natural vibrato, start with a proper inhale, remaining in the inhale position (chest up, ribs out) and slide quickly between two notes (glissando). This same type of thing can be done mimicking the childish sound of a ghost. Notice the very slight pulsing in the stomach. The stomach shouldn’t be pushed in and out, though. This may help create an environment for the vibrato to emerge.

I hope you find some of this helpful, and, as I said before, don’t be discouraged. Implement some of these tips, and it will emerge after time.


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