Vibrato: How To Produce Vibrato (Part 2)

Exercises Toward Producing a Naturally Emerging Vibrato

If neither the imitation of the impassioned speech nor the vowel changing exercise didn’t produce vibrato for you, don’t worry. I’ve got plenty more exercises for you to try. And, if it did work, you can use all of the following exercises to work on your vibrato and warm up your voice.

The next exercise that I want to give you is an agility exercise, one that is done in a series of brief, quickly occurring patterns. During this exercise, it is important there is no bouncing of the larynx or pulsating and shaking of the abdomen. Instead, keep your throat firm but flexible, without tension.

Also, make sure that you are in proper appoggio breathing position, with chest high, not allowing the muscles of inhalation to give way to the muscles of exhalation too quickly. The longer you keep your sternum high while singing, the longer you will keep the diaphragm from ascending. This is one of the primary goals of singing.

Again, these are to be done quickly, since these are agility exercises. The first two notes you will jump on and quickly off, and the third of each section you will hold out. It is on this last note that vibrato should begin to occur.

These are also great vocal exercises to do daily as warm up and even advanced strengthening exercises. Agility exercises will help you be able to jump from one note to the next with precision, without having to slide up to the right note.

Start with the /i/ vowel on this pattern 1-2-3, holding out the 3, then move to /e/ on 3-4-5 then to /a/ on 4-3-2 to /u/ on 3-2-1. Afterward, do the same thing but reverse the vowels.

Get some additional vocal lessons over here.

Hopefully these exercises have been helpful to begin allowing a naturally flowing vibrato to emerge. If they haven’t, don’t be discouraged. I have plenty more exercises, and for some it takes more time than others. But you will get it.

In the next few posts, I’m going to address the concerns of the wobble and the shake, forms of false vibrato that should be realized and eliminated. I’ll give you a few more exercises to help rid you of any traces of this and continue to work on your vibrato. Best of luck to you, and remember, you can use all of these exercises even if you are getting vibrato just fine.


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