Vocal Health Secrets (Part 13)

In the previous post, I talked about how vocal strain can occur if you don’t have a good breath management system in place. You may be singing from your throat instead of your diaphragm. And the danger here is not just vocal strain, but you will never get the power and resonance that you want with throat singing. I said that good posture is the first stage of good breath support and that there is no reason to “tank up”. A good, complete breath will do just fine.

I want to finish up our discussion on breath support before moving on to other vocal health related issues. So here we go.

When you inhale, the expansion should be as much in the lower rig cage and oblique area as it is laterally in the stomach. There is a German-based breathing method called belly breathing, that some swear by, but I think the Italian method is superior for more powerful and resonant singing. That is what I’m describing here.

Go here for some great additional vocal exercises to help you improve.

The chest should remain relatively high while singing and shouldn’t collapse, as is the tendency, when singing and getting toward the end of a breath cycle. The muscles of inhalation shouldn’t too quickly give way to the muscles of exhalation.

This simple method helps the diaphragm to descend, which is the goal, and not to re-ascend too quickly. This is diaphragm breathing.

Hope this helps!


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