Vocal Health Secrets (Part 16)

In the previous post, I talked about watching out for tension in the voice and to avoid whispering, which generates a type of grinding for the vocal cords. In this post I’d like to talk about the importance of hydration and about how to get rid of a dry throat when it’s time to sing.

Two vital parts of singing are the lungs and the muscles, and both of these move more agile when they are hydrated. For this reason, staying hydrated directly affects your singing voice. Water also flushes away unwanted phlegm, mucus in the throat, which is good, because the mucus can affect your pitch and vocal control. And if you have ever tried to sing with a dry throat you know the negative affect that it can have on the singing voice.

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A dry throat can come from many different factors. The most common though is nerves. Anytime you are feeling nervous about something, your throat gets dry. Well, this is no good when it comes to singing, because nerves almost always accompany singing in front of others no matter how seasoned of a singer you may be.

The best way that you can relieve some of the nerves is to be prepared. Nothing is as powerful as preparedness when it comes to feeling nervous about something. If you have put you time, effort and heart into something, you will be much more relaxed when the time comes to presenting it.

Hope this helps. I’ll say more about the dry throat syndrome in the next post.


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