Vocal Health Secrets (Part 18)

In the previous post, I talked about hydration. I said that besides nervousness, salty foods can be a culprit of the dry throat. Also, I said that you can bite down gently on your tongue, which will create some lubrication in your throat (as well as your eyes!). In this post I want to talk about some more tips and tricks that will hopefully be a big help to you when the time comes. They may seem simple now, but in that moment you will be thanking me; I promise!

Gum and throat lozenges are not a good route to go. While they will give you a temporary flow of saliva, they will, afterward, leave you more dried out than before. And the danger is in the numbing agent that is in a lot of lozenges and throat sprays. If you sing over a numbed throat, you can be pushing your voice too hard without knowing it and add undue strain and tension to your vocal cords.

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Here is a great tip, something that you can do to help your dry throat. This is also a trick that professional sing have been using for years. You can eat a portion of an apple. This has a threefold positive affect. First, it will help to hydrate your voice. Second, it will wash away any remaining mucus in your throat. And, third, the motion of chewing and swallowing has a relaxing affect on the larynx and the throat.

Hope this helps!


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