Vocal Health Secrets (Part 31)

In the previous post, we talked about the sometimes-difficult decision not to sing. Even if a bunch of people are not counting on you in order to make a paycheck, the decision not to sing can be difficult because you may feel like this is a big opportunity for you.

The parable of the golden egg laying goose comes to mind. The greedy owner wanted to cut the goose open to get as many eggs as possible now, but found that he effectively killed the producer of the golden eggs. Don’t blow your voice now for an opportunity that will likely present itself again soon. If you have the talent, you will make waves.

Learn to sing better with these singing tips.

We also gave some indications of when not to sing, which is swollen vocal cords, shown by a raspy, thicker quality of voice that is slightly higher in pitch.

We touched briefly on vocal rest a few posts ago, but let’s talk about it from a different angle for a sec. When you are on legitimate vocal rest, you should literally carry around a pad and a pen. Vocal rest means just that, complete rest, no talking at all.

So, won’t I lose some of my muscle tonus in my voice? The answer is, yes. That is why vocal rest is a last resort for the singer, but necessary sometimes. So, when you get back to singing again, your normal vocal routine will likely be too much for you. Ease your way into it, without straining your voice. And don’t expect too much out of you voice the first week or two.

Hope this helps!


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