Vocal Tips (Part 1)

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Breath support, Posture and Breathing from the Diaphragm

If you want to learn how to sing better, a good first place to start is with your posture and breathing. While there are a bunch of different aspects to a breath management system, the cool thing is that if you get the posture thing, which honestly isn’t that tough, then the rest will begin to fall into place. So, I’ll say some about both but focus on the posture for now, with some side notes about singing from the diaphragm and how that relates to all this.

Okay, proper posture begins with an alignment of the head, neck and shoulders. If you lie on the ground or stand with you back against the wall, that’s pretty much what proper posture looks like and how it feels. You do want to make sure that your chest is high enough, too. This is usually the most difficult thing for singers to remember, for some reason.

To get some more excellent vocal tips like this to help teach you how to sing you can go here.

And when I say chest high, what’s really going on is that the muscles used to breathe in shouldn’t remain even as you begin to exhale during singing. If this doesn’t make much sense, give it a try and feel it. That may be easier.

The reason this is important is because this allows the diaphragm to descend and not ascend back up too early. This is what it means to breathe, and therefore sing, from your diaphragm.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!


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  1. Scottie
    719 days ago

    This is really heplful…trying to get better with my singing voice so i can start singing and plating keyboard. Thanks

    • Aaron Anastasi
      719 days ago


      That’s great, man! Really glad it’s helping you out, and playing keyboard is a great way to help tune your ear to the right pitch and also be able to accompany your voice, so you’re not always dependent on someone else when you sing live.


  2. Keat
    719 days ago

    Thanks for this website! I have a confusion here and hope you can help. After I breathe in (expand the diaphragm), should my diaphragm remain expanded throughout the notes? And when do I start to breathe out? immediately after breathing in and gradually throughout the notes or I breathe out after completing the notes.

    I’m trying to sing better in karaoke :) Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      718 days ago


      Thank you for the comment and questions.

      The diaphragm itself doesn’t expand, but descends when you take a complete breath and have proper posture. This creates space for the lungs to be able to expand, giving you more room for air. You will breathe out throughout the notes, but pace the airflow, not allowing yourself to love too much air too fast, in order to have plenty of breath for your longer phrases. You don’t want to run out of air completely before refreshing your breath or the end of the phrase will sounds strained.

      Hopefully that clears up a few things. :)


  3. Chloe
    686 days ago

    I really like the idea of teaching the lesser talented how to improve to the talent they desire. What is the difference between superior singing method and The singing guide? Are they the same. I have always wanted to be a good singer. Thanks for your help and advice. I will be getting how to sing very soon. Oh and I like your hair.. Hahah it’s cool :)

    • Aaron Anastasi
      686 days ago


      Thanks, Chloe. You’re sweet.

      The Singing Guide (TSG) is a great program that I developed a couple of years ago, and I still totally believe in it.

      However, Superior Singing Method (SSM) is a more systematic program that follows an 8-week program to help you improve in all areas as quickly, and as full-spectrum as possible. SSM is the product of all I learned, studied and observed about the voice in the year after developing TSG.

      I hope that answers your question. :)

      I wish you all the success with your singing and you life, Chloe.


  4. Dino
    658 days ago

    hey! i just wanted to say that your tips are very helpful!!
    I sing in concerts all over the country and the song my songwriter wrote for me has a few notes I strain to reach. do you have any tips on how to expand my vocal range? i asked my vocal coach but I thought I’d go online too! :) thanks!

  5. Hadrian Dimaano
    644 days ago

    i dont get it clearly.. hehe,, i’m a filipino and english is not my native language, so hope you understand but if you could just paraphrase some important details there into more simple sentence,it would help me a lot. I just don’t get the diaphgram thing…

  6. Hadrian Dimaano
    644 days ago

    i dont get it clearly.. hehe,, i’m a filipino and english is not my native language, so hope you understand but if you could just paraphrase some important details there into more simple sentence,it would help me a lot. I just don’t get the diaphgram thing.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      643 days ago

      Please see other comment response. :)


  7. Hordel
    629 days ago

    the diaphgram video was helpul , thks

    • Aaron Anastasi
      628 days ago


      I’m really glad, and you’re very welcome!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a note.

      I wish you all the best.


  8. Angie
    622 days ago

    Hi Aaron,

    Is it downloadable and can be used even in no internet connection area???

    I hope it is…:(

    I am somewhat desperately want to learn how to sing… :(

    • Aaron Anastasi
      622 days ago


      I’m sorry. It’s a streaming program. You have no place you can go that has good interent where you can watch the videos? No smartphone, even? You can watch the vids on your phone. And, all the voice exercises are downloadable, so you could watch the vids somewhere and then do your vocal exercises wherever, without having to have an internet connection.

      Hope that helps.


  9. John
    619 days ago

    Some people say that if you don’t the talent for singing you can’t learn to do it….so are they true?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      618 days ago


      No, that’s not true. Learning to sing has to do with proper technique and doing the right vocal exercises…and both can be learned. If you’re interested in learning for real, you can check out my step by step course, which I created specifically for those who don’t think they can learn to sing. You can find it here: http://www.howtosing.com/sing-better-fast-ssm/

      Good luck to you!


  10. John
    617 days ago

    Oh,it’s amazing where can I buy the DVD of superior singing method,or can I find them in web?

  11. Diego
    579 days ago

    Hi Aaron,
    I have a question that has nothing to do with this article, and it is that i dont understand the difference between head voice and falsetto, for example is the oooohhh from the song she loves you a falsetto or head voice and what about the help on the song help.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      574 days ago


      Falsetto has a far more airy and light sound.


  12. Vaibhav
    576 days ago

    Hey Aaron
    I just want to ask a quick question,
    I started practising metal screaming a few months ago and I’m quite decent at that, however, will that affect my normal singing voice?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      575 days ago


      There is a good chance that it can effect your singing voice, depending on your technique. But even with good technique it may. The voice wasn’t designed for that. Just make sure that you’re taking care of your voice, giving it plenty of time to repair itself afterward, plenty of water, rest and stay away from sugar as much as possible.


  13. kyla
    572 days ago

    I just want to ask if how can i sing better if i dont know how to do the “wave” or “curls” maybe.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      569 days ago


      No problem on those.

      I have a couple options for you. I’ve got a bunch of videos up on my YouTube channel (HowToSingDotCom) that can help you, but if you really want to improve quickly, in a step by step kind of way, I’ve got an 8-week, intensive program that you can find out more about if you click this link: http://www.howtosing.com/sing-better-fast-ssm/

      That’s the best way I know how to help. I spent a few years developing and refining this course and this method to help people just like you.


  14. sasha
    564 days ago

    Thanks so much for this website! To say I have zero talent, I think I have slightly improved using this. Thanks!:)

  15. lidia rios
    557 days ago

    well um i really don’t know if i have that great singing voice but um i really love to sing and i need help:D thankx.

  16. sammy
    545 days ago

    oh my god these tips actually works THZ ALOT!!!!!!

  17. Nicole
    544 days ago

    Hi, I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and I would like to know how do you know when you use your head voice or you nasal voice and so on? How could I make sure to stay in pitch at all times?

  18. Ted
    536 days ago

    Hi!! I really need to know how to sing High and Higher chords …can you help me..

  19. shinyboy180
    532 days ago

    ive been singing for 6 years i use to be a mess now i got better thnx to this web site and
    Aaron Anastasi

    • Aaron Anastasi
      532 days ago

      Thank you for the comment. I’m glad that you are getting better as a result of the blog posts.

      Have you had a chance to take a look at my eight week, systematic, step-by-step course? If you’re interested in finding out more, click here: http://www.howtosing.com/sing-better-fast-ssm/


  20. Cinthia
    525 days ago

    Hey love ur videos there awesome and they really do work! Your advice really helped. But I have a question , I signed up for your video tips video. And I don’t know when your suppose to send your 2nd video? … I don’t know if im suppose to wait… Sorry to be a pain but I’m kinda confused

    • Aaron Anastasi
      525 days ago

      Cinthia, sorry you haven’t gotten your second video yet. If you go to superiorsingingmethod.com you can get a ton of free videos from me. Best of luck to you with your singing!

  21. Angela
    521 days ago

    Im 10 years old and when i saw your video it improves a only a little. but when i read this its helpful thanx your awesome.

  22. sisi
    515 days ago

    dear aron can you help me with singing

  23. sisi
    515 days ago


  24. Arash
    510 days ago

    How come your doing all this for free? anyways thnx for the tips!

    • Aaron Anastasi
      507 days ago

      You’re welcome, Arash!

      I do it for free partially because I love teaching and partially because I have a paid course that I offer to people. It is called superior singing method, and you can check it out here if you’re interested.


      Best of luck to you with your singing!

  25. sisi
    504 days ago

    Aaron thank you really thanx i love you

  26. vince verzosa
    504 days ago

    i really don’t know where to start .. my voice is not that good .. is there still a chance for me ?

  27. Ron
    501 days ago

    Hey Aaron, I have a problem. When I sing without a mic or anything, I sound good. But when i sing into a microphone, and then play it back to listen to it, I sound terrible. Almost like something is dieing. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to fix that? And I also want to work on my screamo. do you have anything for that to?

  28. sisi
    494 days ago

    thanx you the best singer ever

  29. sisi
    494 days ago

    the best teacher

  30. Jerry
    491 days ago

    Hey Aaron,

    i really really want to sing but i just cant sing very well nor good, eventhough i record myself about most of the time and hearing my voice, im thinking i just cant sing that well. i read every tips you wrote, even watch your YouTube as well and i just dont know why my singing is not successfully improving. So, maybe can you help me out?


    • Aaron Anastasi
      490 days ago

      Jerry, the thing that you’re really probably missing is a systematic, step-by-step program that teaches you all that you need to know in the right order. My program superior singing method is just that. If you want to take a look at that you can find it here: http://www.howtosing.com/sing-better-fast-ssm/.

      Best of luck to you with your singing!

  31. nathan
    488 days ago

    thanks f0r the tips. it really helps me a l0t.. maraming salamat po

  32. walter
    488 days ago

    This is really heplful…trying to get better with my singing voice so i can start singing and plating keyboard. Thanks

  33. Rainbow
    485 days ago

    I just purchased Superior Singing. When will it be arraving at my house?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      482 days ago

      It’s a streaming only course, so you will not be receiving DVDs to your house. All you need is a login and a password and you can start immediately. If you’re having trouble with the login and password please contact http://www.support@howtosing.com and welcome to the course!

  34. Denzell
    483 days ago

    Hi I really need your help. I really want to learn how to sing im 19 and I sing for fun but now i really want to learn how to sing any info would be awsome on how to start off…

  35. dawn
    483 days ago

    hi,im in an singing progran and they said this stuff doesent realy work

  36. Daniel
    480 days ago

    Even though you probably hear this everyday from individuals, I don’t think I’m capable of learning to sing. I never ever attempt to sing in front of people, but by myself I’m a freaking rockstar! :) I’m am considering buying your course. But what concerns me about when I do sing is that I always end up yawning during it! Do you any fixes on that in your course?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      476 days ago

      I’m certain that my course can help you sing, and once you learn the right techniques, the yawning thing will probably just correct itself. Best of luck to you, Daniel!

      By the way, is your dad or grandfather an old testament professor?

  37. dawn
    476 days ago

    i checked out your testimonials and their were alot so i guess i just have to keep an open mind :)

    • Aaron Anastasi
      470 days ago

      And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I have hundreds of testimonials. Best of luck to you with your singing!

  38. shu min
    472 days ago

    i still cannot….

  39. sisi
    471 days ago

    i saw that video 3 times

  40. sisi
    471 days ago


  41. sisi
    471 days ago

    realy my favourite band is one direction

  42. Vaibhav
    467 days ago

    Hey Aaron,
    I’m thinking about buying a microphone. What would you say is the best mic for a beginner?
    And also, would I have to buy a PA system to plug it into, or will it work well with a guitar amp?

  43. gello
    465 days ago

    what if i feel dizzy?? what does it means??? ^^ thank you. . . i’ll audition this coming Wednesday for company activity which they require us to sing. … i want to sing, but im extremely having a hard time!!! hehehehe thank you!!!

    • Aaron Anastasi
      457 days ago

      Sounds like you need to learn breast management. I talk a lot about that in my course, superior singing method. You can find it here along with some free video singing tips. http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com

      Best of luck to you with your singing!

  44. jemhickey
    461 days ago

    Hey Aaron, I just purchased The Superior Singing Method yesterday and I cant get to the product anywhere. Am I messing something up? I have a copy of my reciept but I’m afraid I’m just not logging in right. Can you help?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      457 days ago

      Sorry about that. Let me look into that for you. I’ll get you fixed up. :)

  45. Suzanne
    459 days ago

    Hey Aaron,
    It’s my biggest dream to become a singer. My voice sound really bad and I was so upset bout u
    It. Thanks for helping. My voice has improved but needs a little on high pitches