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Voice Lessons – Read This Before Taking Vocal Lessons

By: Aaron Anastasi
Founder: and The Singing Guide 

There are usually two main concerns that people have when it comes to taking voice lessons, maybe three. The first is the cost. Is it within my budget? The second is the time. Do I have enough time to do vocal lessons for real? If there is a third concern, I would guess it’s something along the lines of finding the right teacher or program that fits your specific needs and addresses your particular goals as a singer. Whether you want to sing just for the fun of it on occasions or want to sing professionally, taking voice lessons is the quickest and least painful way to unearthing your best voice. In this article I’m going to answer the following three questions:

  • Why should I take vocal lessons?
  • What should I expect from voice lessons?
  • But, aren’t vocal lessons really expensive?

Why should I take vocal lessons?

What’s the big deal about voice lessons anyway? All you have to do is open up your mouth and start singing right? The truth is, most people who you have heard sing have taken some form of vocal lessons, and, most likely, they taken them for quite some time.

The idea of taking lessons basically boils down to, “Do you want to bypass a bunch of the roadblocks and frustrations of learning how to sing and fast track into the fun part, singing well?!” Like in any field, a vocal coach is a person who has spent the years working out the kinks of what it takes to sing.

So, basically what you’re paying for is knowledge and speed. What do I mean by that? While singing is very anatomical, meaning that your are using your body, it depends very much on your mind, too. In other words, half of it has to do with doing it, but the other half has to do with knowing what and how it is that you need to do it.

Improper use of your voice can lead to permanent vocal damage at worst and a waste of time at best. There definitely are proper and improper vocal exercises. Not all voice exercises were created equal.

What should I expect from voice lessons?

First of all, you should expect to learn how to sing better much faster than you would on your own. You should expect to learn tips and tricks that will help you to get through the frustrations more quickly.

More specifically, there should be some type of plan or program that you are following, that gives you kind of a step-by-step guide that you can follow along in order to learn the right things at the right time and build a good foundation.

At first you’ll mostly be learning about what kind of voice category you fit into and how well you can currently sing on pitch, if at all. You will learn about the tension in your neck, shoulders and face and how those things affect your singing.

You will learn about warming up both your body and your voice through different kinds of stretches and exercises. You will also learn about proper breathing technique and how to sing from your diaphragm rather than your throat.

Expect also to learn a series of daily vocal warm up and range increasing exercises, since your voice is your instrument and is a muscle. It needs to be warmed up and worked out in order to function properly and be strong. And the goal will be to expand your current range so that you are able to sing both higher and lower notes without being and sounding strained and possibly damaging your vocal chords.

You should also expect to enjoy yourself and steadily become a better singer. You should expect to start making subtle changes in your diet and lifestyle that will allow you to be a better singer. And you should expect to be more passionate about music and stoked that you have an outlet and a voice!

But, aren’t vocal lessons really expensive?

There is no doubt that voice lessons can be pricey. Most vocal coaches make somewhere between $30 and $100 per hour teaching voice. And that’s not even to mention gas money and scheduling. But before you fell discouraged, there’s definitely another way.

With the Internet, you can take lessons right at home and for a fraction of the price. You can get into a vocal lesson program for about the cost of one or two private lessons, and you can take those lessons at your convenience, online, anytime. I think it’s the best way to go and the most cost effective. And you can watch the videos as many times as you need to, as well as pause and rewind.

So, that’s a basic overview of voice lessons. If you’re considering becoming a singer or just want to be able to sing a little bit better, I say go for it. You rarely, if ever, hear someone say that they regret the time the spent bettering themselves in the area of music or the arts. It’s certainly enriched my life.

I wish you all the best!

-Aaron Anastasi

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