Your New Year’s Resolution To Be A Better Singer? 7 Reasons To Read This Post!

Full disclosure, I’ve never been a real New Year’s Resolution kind of guy, but it makes for a catchy title, right? Well, I know that New Years is a time when many people rethink their priorities and make some changes in their life. And I’m all for that. Many people decide that they are going to finally invest in their dream and take a step in the direction of making it come true. And I’m definitely all for that.

Let’s jump right into the reasons why I think online singing lessons are the way to go, verses private lessons, and not just because I have an online singing lesson course.  :)

1. It’s A More Cost-Effective Option

If you’ve ever looked into taking singing lessons privately, the rates are pretty up there. In fact, you can get an entire online singing lesson course for the cost of one (seriously!) private singing lesson. I’m talking about an entire systematic course that gives you tons of lessons, techniques and vocal exercises. One private lesson. It’s crazy, really.

2. It Takes A Systematic Approach

I think that one of the difficult parts of learning how to sing is knowing where to start and what path to take to get to the end goal of being a better singer. In a sea of singing tips on the Internet, from God knows what source, where do you start, and how do you really develop your full voice? The systematic course is the flagship feature of an online singing course. It walks you through from A to Z, giving you all that you need along the way to meet your goals as a singer.

3. You Get All Of The Video Lessons Up Front

What’s the big deal about this one? Getting all of the video lessons (or audio for a lesser online singing course program) is great because you can tailor the program to your learning style and pace. If you learn quickly, then you can get through more lessons at once. And no matter what your schedule looks like, you have the videos ready and waiting.

4. You Get To Keep All The Video Lessons

Once I really understand something, I can apply it and glean its benefit. But, I don’t necessarily pick it up on one pass. So, having the opportunity to watch a video over and over until I really grasp the concept, technique or exercise is a great benefit. And after some time passes, I may forget or only remember the concept in part and begin doing the technique incorrectly. So, if I have the opportunity to go back and watch the video, then I’m good.

5. Even Though It’s Online, It Is Still Interactive

A good online singing lesson program will allow you to leave comments, and the instructor will answer all of the questions and comments within a short period of time.

6. You Can Finally Reach Your Singing Goals

Let me ask you to think about these two questions: what are you doing now to reach your singing goals, and is it working. Online singing lessons are a great way to take a step toward your goals and start doing the work of reaching them. Online singing lessons are very effective and can help you get there, but only if you are willing to take the step.

7. There Is No Risk

A good online singing lesson program will have a money back guarantee, so you can try it out, and if it’s not what you thought, you can always get your money back, no questions asked.

Superior Singing Method

As I’m sure you know, I have developed a singing lesson program called, Superior Singing Method, and all the things I wrote above are true about my program, and I stand behind it one hundred percent.

My promise is that you will have superior pitch, tone and vocal range in just 60 days. It’s a systematic course that gives you daily exercises that build on each other, helping you develop all the different aspects of your singing voice.

Well, good luck to you with your singing. I wish you the best!


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  1. Lonny
    694 days ago

    Hi Aaron, I have a question for ya, I am interested in learning how to sing harmony, do you offer any lessons on harmony?

  2. stl
    682 days ago

    needs d sing method tips

    • Aaron Anastasi
      679 days ago


      Not sure how to respond to that, but thanks for the comment. Let me know if I can help you with anything.


  3. Bob Fisk
    682 days ago

    Hi Aaron, I’m not seeing the ten minute video on singing highrer notes. It’s time fore more practice time. Then it’s time for practicing choir music that’s coming up. thanks Bob

    • Aaron Anastasi
      679 days ago


      If you put your email in the box that says, “Free singing tips”, you’ll get the video immediately.

      Good luck!


  4. Isaac Owusu Ansah
    671 days ago

    I think i do agree with you so please help me to get some online singing books that can enable me become a great musician.

  5. Tyler
    628 days ago

    I have a question about live singing. I am in a band, and I record myself at home, and my recordings are always in key and with good tonal quality. I’m not one of those American Idol people who just don’t hear it right–one of my songs won a local contest to have us open for a national act.
    Anyway, when I sing live it all goes to pot. My tone develops this strange deep growl, and I lose the melody and sing off notes far too often. I always feel there is a monitor issue, but now I have a bit of a mental problem because in most of our shows I have at least one song that is a train-wreck. We’ve done acoustic shows where my voice sounds much better. What gives?

    How do I improve my live singing?–make it match what I do in the studio?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      628 days ago


      Not having the opportunity to hear you sing live, I can only take a couple of guesses, but I’ve done a ton of live singing myself, and there are some common reasons why this tends to happen to many singers.

      You mentioned one of the primary issues, which is the monitors. If you can’t hear yourself, it’s difficult–nearly impossible–to sing with great pitch. But that’s not the only problem that stems from monitor issues. If you can hear the monitors but not very well, that presents a different problem. The tendency is to push your voice harder thinking that the mains (the speakers the audience hear) reflect the sound you are getting out of the monitor, and you want to make sure that everyone can hear you over the instruments. And after pushing your voice for just a song or two, it begins to become slightly inflamed, which is where the deep growly sound comes out. That’s why you don’t have the problem as much with acoustic shows; you’re not competing with amps and hard-hitting drummers. And when the music is live and loud, most tend to feel the rush and passion and sing with all their might, which blows out your voice. This is why your voice is half gone after those kinds of shows.

      None of this is a problem in the studio, of course.

      I would say don’t settle for no or low monitors. Invest in in-ear monitors or trust the sound guy that your voice is carrying over the instruments, even if you can’t hear it that well in the monitors. The feed and mix is usually on separate channels.

      Hopefully some of that helps.

      Best of luck to you, Tyler.


  6. Tyler
    618 days ago

    Hey Aaron– I have included a link to a live show we did at the Knitting factory in Reno. You answered my problem about singing live and having difficulty in doing so. I thought this little snippet might help. All of you advice sounds good to. What I decided to do is run my second line out from my vocal processor to a separate mixer and monitor, so I can control the level of my monitor and I can cut out the sound guy. I sing the second song is you want to move ahead to it. I’m the tall guy at stage right.
    It’s embarrassing, but I assure you I can sing. I just need to know how to do it better live. My tone is gone, and I sound out of breath.
    Let me know if you have any more guidance.

    Oh yeah–here is a youtube vid of me acoustically, so you can hear the difference. Bad camera mic, but still better.
    Thanks again.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      618 days ago


      I’ll take a look. But this is all I can do, until you sign up for my course. I get hundreds of comments and need to focus on the students in my program. You can find it here:

      Best of luck, and I’ll take a quick look.


  7. Tyler
    618 days ago

    Okay. Thanks for your help. You are very knowledgeable, and I understand being busy. I will check out your course.
    Thanks again.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      617 days ago


      Right on, man. I took a look. And you’re right. A little rough. But you’ve got all the potential there; you just need some direction technique-wise and a good regimen of vocal warm up, and advanced exercises.

      Keep up the good work, though. You’re out there doing it, when so many others just talk about it. I commend you for that.

      I actually did a show at the Knitting Factory here in Hollywood not too long ago with my last band. :)


  8. kelly
    617 days ago

    hi Aaron, i have reahersled on my music for many times. but i wanna change my voice because it sounds something like boy.please help me. and also help me in high notes

    • Aaron Anastasi
      616 days ago


      It sounds like the higher notes can help you overcome the sounding like a boy concern. Although, your individual voice, boyish sounding as it may be, is the uniqueness that you have to offer, and that’s great thing.

      My systematic course focuses specifically on reaching higher notes, through bettering your overall voice. It’s an 8-week, intensive, step by step course. If you’re interested, you can find it here:

      Best of luck to you, Kelly.


  9. roseliztaylor
    578 days ago

    Hi Aaron,
    I signed up for the course but I dont get where I pick up my video,s ect.
    I get newsletters from you ? someone with no links in them, are you sure this is not a scam ?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      578 days ago

      Hi Rose, I can assure you we are not a scam…we are currently switching up some stuff in the members area and making some great upgrades and sometimes that messes with the registration process unfortunately. I did send you an email though so we can get you registered and more importantly learning to sing :)

    • Aaron Anastasi
      574 days ago


      You figured it out, right?


  10. rosie
    577 days ago

    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the e.mail and my profound apologies, I picked up the video’s and free stuff and have started with it all already it’s fab.
    it was my own problem not yours I was looking at the wrong e.mail address !!! silly me

    • Aaron Anastasi
      576 days ago


      Hehe. I’m glad you’re enjoying the material.

      Have you had a chance to take a look at my 8-week, systematic course, by the way? You can find it here (, if you’re interested in taking a look.

      Best of luck to you!


  11. Kevin LoMiglio
    574 days ago

    Hi Aaron. i see myself as an decent singer, and i bought your program to help fine tune my voice to become 100% confident, and professional. I have one main problem which is fully supporting my head voice so it resonates clearly and crisply. The problems start at around G and above. I feel like my throat is tensing up, but it’s close to breaking through to that nice loud resonant voice i want. How do you believe i could easily learn to break through that barrier
    This video helped but it didn’t quite get me the confidence i need
    Thank you,

    • Aaron Anastasi
      569 days ago


      How far have you gotten into the program? I address that in the course pretty well.

      Welcome to the program!


  12. vishal
    573 days ago

    hey aaron ,my voice is too rough ……..and i cant breathe properly while singing ….and my voice donot matches ////any ideas for better singing

    • Aaron Anastasi
      569 days ago


      I have a couple options for you. I’ve got a bunch of videos up on my YouTube channel (HowToSingDotCom) that can help you, but if you really want to improve quickly, in a step by step kind of way, I’ve got an 8-week, intensive program that you can find out more about if you click this link:

      That’s the best way I know how to help. I spent a few years developing and refining this course and this method to help people just like you. :)


  13. Kaleefa Weston
    556 days ago

    hi Aaron what i basically need help with is keeping my range and a steady pitch. btw i love this website keep it up

  14. Jerome Carter
    555 days ago

    is there any way for me to get this product on disc

    • Aaron Anastasi
      554 days ago


      Sorry, man. Streaming only. That way I can keep the cost down.


  15. Jeeman
    554 days ago

    Is it possible to stream lessons from your website on my iphone?

  16. Gage Nelson
    540 days ago

    Hi Aaron, I absolutely LOVE what you’ve been doing here. I have a question, not really regarding this post, but thats sort of why im posting it here…See, I’ve got a few OTHER questions i need to ask you, But I cant seem to figure out where to ask you these. I heard there was a comment box under the videos, but i didnt see anything of the sort. So, bottom line is, If i have questions, where do i ask them? Thanks!

  17. Gage Nelson
    539 days ago

    Oh! Well awesome! :p I hope you dont mind long posts… (You could respond to my email address if thats easier)
    One of my questions is regarding vocal tone. I dont really have a good tone, or so i think, I dont know, i havent really heard myself. That being said, theres two things i need to know. First, how do I make my tone better? And second, how do i find my own unique voice that my tone works well with? If that makes sense…
    Another question I had is about lisps. I, personally dont have one, but when i sing, sometimes i get one in a word or two. It sounds like im saying “shhhh” with my s’. I can sort of control it, but id like your advice on getting rid of it completely.
    I also wanted to ask about a vocal training schedule. About what exercises and such i should do from day to day.
    My last question is quite important. I sing in my room all the time, with my stereo blasting. But when I turn down the music, I find myself struggling to sing along with it. It goes hand in hand with the fact that when theres no music playing, i cant sing well at all..It seems quieter, and more frail then when i have music to sing with.. What should I do?
    If you need anymore info about any of my questions, let me know :p Thanks again. I appreciate this soo much. *Just a note, i was a bit uneasy about this at first, but the singing guide has helped me a TREMENDOUS amount with my voice, and I love it.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      538 days ago

      Let’s see, this video I did on YouTube may give you some ideas of how to better your tone:

      As far as the partial lisp goes, try getting off of the S consonant more quickly and hitting it a little more like a T. That may help.

      Yeah, unfortunately we all sound better when the music is louder and can sing along with the illusion that we sound just like the artist, who himself doesn’t even sound like he does on the record, since they’re using all kinds of vocal processors alongside his voice.

      The answer there is just more practice, my friend. I’m glad that you’re seeing a lot of benefits from the course so far.

      Have you had a chance to check out the new course that I did, called superior singing method? You can find it here:

      And there is an entire module on vocal tone, as well as everything else you’ll need, and it goes it systematically as an eight week course.

      I hope you’re well, Gage. Keep up the good work!

  18. Gage Nelson
    538 days ago

    Thanks, Aaron!
    *I was looking at the superior singing method before, But since i’m a poor kid (without exaggeration, I live in a trailer and my room is about 8ft. by 10ft, and mine and my sister’s room is only separated by a blanket.)
    I cant really afford anything. I scraped up all my change and such for about 3 1/2 months to get enough to buy the singing guide as it is. Im glad i did though. Its very helpful c:

    • Aaron Anastasi
      537 days ago

      understood. :)

    • Aaron Anastasi
      537 days ago


      I went ahead and upgraded you to Superior Singing Method. You can login at using your same login and password info that you use for The Singing Guide.



  19. Gage Nelson
    537 days ago

    Aaron you are the nicest guy ever! I cant thank you enough!

    • Aaron Anastasi
      534 days ago

      You are great and grateful kid, and I’m happy to do it!

  20. Finn
    526 days ago

    Hi Aaron, I play guitar and I really want to sing but I sound like garbage when I do. I looked around for online singing courses and found yours, but I was wondering if this would help me sing any genre of music.

  21. Finn
    524 days ago

    Also how long might it take to go from singing really bad to pretty good, using superior singing method?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      520 days ago

      That is hard to say, Finn. It would really depend on the singer, but I know that superior singing method has helped hundreds and hundreds of people to better their voice very quickly.

  22. DRE
    523 days ago

    Ahmmmm… actually singing isn’t my field, I’m not a singer I just get interested with it. Then I’ve promised a friend that I’ll sing for her, now I have regrets cause before she just laughed at me, but she explained to me that that was just because she’s happy that I sing for her. Now I can’t just walked away without fulfilling that promise. I don’t have a wonderful voice and often have stresses while singing and on the other hand this friend of mine was a born singer, she’s a good one and she’s encouraging me to let her teach me and I just can’t. Well as you’ve said everyone can sing, I was inspired by that hoping that i really can hehehe. Well push my luck and more good lucks to you :) )

  23. Mariel
    517 days ago

    Hey Aaron,
    Im having trouble singing high notes.
    Like, every time i sing high, my voice always cracks…
    Do u know why? And where is that singing higher notes video???

  24. Finn
    517 days ago

    How long will the superior singing method deal, be on for? It’s going to take me about two months to get.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      512 days ago

      Finn, it’s hard to say for sure, but we run specials quite a bit, so you should be fine. Best of luck with your singing!

  25. Alan
    510 days ago

    Hi Aaron

    Im Michael I really want to develop my voice but still I cant figure out what kind of voice do I have.or what choice of song is fitted to me. What should I do? I hope you can give me a very helpful advice on this kind of matter,,

  26. chris
    505 days ago

    hi Aaron,
    i already act but my acting coach thiNks i should sing too ive always been moderatly good but i cant reach really high notes or really low notes have any tips?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      498 days ago

      Yeah, my course is based around that very question. Have you had a chance to check it out? It’s called superior singing method. You can find it here, if you’re interested in taking a look.

  27. Dayyah
    503 days ago

    Hello ! A couple days ago, I went onto a website that had some tips about better singer. I followed the steps/tips and even look at their practice they video that they made. Now today, my voice and throat are soar. I tried looking at your ( video but it kept stopping and restarting. I don’t know whether its my computer or the video, but anyways can you help me with my voice without harming it ?

    • Aaron Anastasi
      492 days ago

      I can definitely help you to sing better without harming your voice, in fact my method is all about not straining more pushing your voice. Try that link again and see if it works or just go to

  28. chi travis
    497 days ago

    Hey. Some pipo tell me to raise my voice that it sounds better in that. Just this sunday i was at audition 4 talent contest I never made it thru I think i wasnt raising my voice and imagine we were using a mic.. At first i used to sing rnb gospel and then changed to contemporary worship where pipo say im gud with my voice raised higher. Should we say every song of mine will be higher.

  29. Sumit Kumar
    496 days ago

    hi Aaron, i have interested in singing song, so please tell me that where is your office in noida 12/22. And course fee , your contact no.

  30. Juan
    495 days ago

    Hi Aaron,
    First of all I love this robe, this ring; second of all, I want to know if you have any useful tips for singing high notes. Also, I don’t know if you know this answer but I have been going through puberty and my voice has been changing, and I can’t hit the high notes that easily, also my voice breaks, and it hurts more often when I strain to hit high notes is this normal? (i know i shouldn’t strain but i have been a good singer all my life, and this scares me so i push.) can i stop this or do you have any tips to help me through this difficult vocal time

    • Aaron Anastasi
      491 days ago


      Glad you like the song, dude.

      Yeah, puberty is tough. My advice would be to continue doing your vocal exercises and strengthen this new amalgamation of your voice. And, yeah, at all costs don’t push or force your voice. Be patient with it. This changing voice time will pass soon.

      Have you had a chance to check out my course, superior singing method? You can find it here if you’re interested in taking a look.

  31. Juan
    490 days ago

    Thanks Aaron, and what are some vocal exercises that will warm up and strengthen this ring

  32. Juan
    490 days ago

    What are some vocal exercises that will warmup And strengthen my voice? and how long will this take? sorry, (typo in the last comment so i rewrote this comment)

  33. edu
    484 days ago

    Hello Aaron. I dont plan to be a star, just want to sing for my enjoyment. So, saying that, does your course help me to find where my vocal tone is? I mean, i dont know which kind of singer i am )or even if i am a singer) such as baritone or whatever.

    • Aaron Anastasi
      482 days ago

      My course will help you to increase your singing a few levels no matter what kind of voice you have. Discovering what kind of voice you have isn’t actually that important but doing the right exercises and techniques no matter where your voices. Best of luck to you and your singing!

  34. Arron
    469 days ago

    Hi Aaron.

    I saw your youtube video, and I decided to look into your website and some of your videos :P

    I was wondering, what do you think about the article I posted above? Specifically up to the point before the other famous singers :P

    You also, stole my name!


    • Aaron Anastasi
      457 days ago

      At first glance, it looks good to me. And great name! I look forward to seeing you in the course!

  35. malik
    462 days ago

    Hay how r u can u plzz give me ur email addares to sent u my recorde voice to tell me what should i fix in my voice :) thx

    • Aaron Anastasi
      457 days ago

      Watching and critiquing singing videos/audio is a service I offer my Superior Singing Method students in the Vocal Coaching Club, but I get too many requests, so I try to limit it to those students. You can find it and sign up here:

      Best of luck to you!